Are You having Trouble Finding A Job?

Dear Fresher,
Finding a job can be challenging fresh out of college! They teach you a lot of things but hardly anything on how to start kick start your career. For that you are on your own. I was in a similar situation many years back in America after having finished my MS in Mechanical Engineering (Royal Mech!). After reading a lot and researching on interviews and resumes I started seeing results and eventually found a job!

Over the course of my career I changed few more jobs and perfected the art of getting a job, by writing compelling resumes and acing the interviews with some secret strategies that I have never revealed to anyone until now. I have revealed ALL my secret strategies in my book Fresher Formula! Read on to find out more.

Getting a job is a step-by-step process!

The first step to getting a job is writing the resume.

Resume – The ticket to the interview

If you don’t write the resume intelligently you won’t go too far. There are lakhs of resumes on online, what are the chances of your resume being seen by a recruiter?

I show you how to write LASER targeted resumes that a recruiter will love and help you get an interview appointment. This well written resume will also help you in impressing the interviewer.

I provide you with a sample fresher resume. I go into detail what to add and what not to add in the resume. I also reveal what content makes the interviewers and recruiters happy!

I use the same format for my job hunting and I have received quite a few compliments from managers and recruiters. It has never failed me. I have never shared my resume template outside my inner circle before.

Job Search Strategies

I show you how to search for jobs the right way. You will be leveraging job portals to the max!

I walk you through how to create optimized profiles on Naukri. You can apply this same system on other popular job portals.

You will learn how to use LinkedIn effectively. Fortunately for you, people don’t use it to its full potential. You will also learn how to contact recruiters in your city and industry!

Interview Secrets

This is an important section of the book, and should not be ignored. I reveal to you my secret strategies I have very effectively used over the years!

I show you how to demonstrate passion and interest (DPI) which is an important component in impressing the interviewers. This alone will put you ahead of other freshers.


Finally all the above preparation is useless if you are not in the right mindset. I cover the important aspects of how to have the right mindset and why it is important in the interview. It is also important at the job and personal life as well.

With the right mindset you will have far more success in interviews and life in general. I guarantee it!

Fresher Formula Package

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The Fresher Formula Book

The book is 163 pages, packed with secret tactics that helped me make a successful career and find jobs I like at will!

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