The Job Market Will ALWAYS Be Down

Yes I said it!

The job market will always be down for the uninitiated. It is a convenient target to blame when your family and friends ask you why you haven’t found a job yet!

If you are guilty of this start researching on how to get a job, there is enough information on the internet and this site. It is not that hard to find one for the enterprising individual. People who really want a job do everything in their capacity to find one. Make contacts, talk to people, socialize on the internet, take up courses, learn new skills until they find a job.

People who are lazy or don’t want to do the hard work will find excuses, blame the government, the economy, discrimination, groupism etc. They blame everything except themselves! They expect the job to be handed to them on a silver platter. So to these people the job market is always down, economy is in recession, the government is not doing it’s job, people are conspiring to steal their jobs that are rightfully theirs.

I don’t deny that the job market can have a downturn, the economy can go down the toilet. But that doesn’t change the fact that the companies still exist and they will continue to hire talented individuals. They don’t stop functioning because they are in recession.

I want you to ruminate on what I am about to say.

During bad times the companies might place hiring freeze, cut down the number of new employees they will hire. But there will always be companies who are growing and expanding that need more manpower. There will always be few companies making a profit even in the worse of times and that is a fact!

Don’t believe me? Good, continue reading.

It is common knowledge among stock traders and investors that certain industries are safe investment during bad economy and have high chances of surviving even the toughest of economic environment.

Want to take a guess?

The Vice and Health Industry will continue to stay in business.

What do I mean by vice?
All the good stuff people enjoy during good and especially bad times! Cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, casinos etc. Gambling is illegal in India doesn’t apply in our case.

But you get the picture. No matter how bad a person’s situation he/she will manage to find money for a pack cigarettes, alcohol. I bet if you are a smoker and unemployed, you are probably trying to smoke away your problems and worries. Wait for the end of the day, meet friends and smoke away.

These companies are not going anywhere!

Health Industry
Health industry is also a solid industry. People don’t stop buying their BP, Diabetes, Cholesterol medication because times are bad. They HAVE to buy to survive. It is not just the pharmaceutical companies, even medical equipment manufacturers, hospitals can fight the bad economy without perishing.

Did you notice the irony between these two industries? One industry ruins your health and the other saves your health. Such is life!

There are other industries who would do well too, it is up to you to find out. Also some companies will do well regardless of their industry, because they are run well, expanding, new to market etc. Look out for these types of companies regardless of their industry.

Now you can make a list of companies you can approach when the job market is down. Or you can just be awesome and start applying aggressively to all the companies and start making the right connections online!

With the Internet, LinkedIn, and Facebook, you have no excuse to not find a job. There is always a job waiting for you. Sometimes you will just have to look harder than others and get creative.

Good luck!

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