What Every Fresher Ought To Know

About Getting A Programming Job

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

– Mark Twain

I want you to stay out of the job-hunting trouble.

Doing the wrong thing by following the herd mentality can lengthen the time it takes you to get a job.

The longer it takes the lower your confidence can get and might demotivate you from giving your 100% in getting the job.

It’s no fun having to tell your family and friends you have not found a job yet while others around you have already started collecting their pay slips!

I want you to start the job hunting the right way.

So let’s get this fresher job hunting party started.

I got your back.

A restaurant cook doesn’t start cooking without knowing the what the patron wants. Unless the cook is drunk which is a different problem altogether.

Likewise why would you make random resumes, cover letters, apply for jobs and go to the interview unprepared?

Using the same boring resume and cover letter for all types of job applications.

And no strategy in the interview to woo the interview panel other thank mugging all the programming questions on OOPS, algorithms, data structure.

Let’s take a step back and think.

What exactly do you think the employer is looking for?

A set of perfect teeth?

Which is nice to have.

Smell like roses?

Also nice to have.

Someone who can drink 10 beers in a night?

Probably not.

Let me tell you what they want.

It is just one of two things.

Yep just two.

Nothing less and nothing more!

Businesses hire you because either you can make them money or save them time.

Simple right?

Now if you are coding it is mostly to help them make money.

Because you are usually creating something they can sell to the world.

Of course you may be tasked to create something that saves other’s time.


Once they know you can make them money with your coding skills they will next see if you are a good fit:

  1. Are you a team player?
  2. Do you need to be spoon fed?
  3. Are you a quick learner?
  4. Can you handle deadlines?
  5. Can you handle multiple projects at the same time?
  6. Good at communication – If you are shy like a new dulhan then that will be a problem my friend.
  7. Enthusiastic. If you talk like someone who lost 1 crore in the stock market it’s not happening my friend.
  8. Presentable

I am sure there are few more but these are the important ones.

Resume Of Course

There are somethings you need and some you don’t need especially if you are a fresher. Check out Do You Make These Mistakes In Your Resume?

Cover Letter

Not all employers ask for it. But nice to have when applying for jobs. Some might ask for it.


Going to an interview is like going to war. No I am not saying you need to beat up the interview panel even though sometimes it is tempting.

I am talking about preparing for the interview like a country would before invading.

They collect intelligence on the enemy.

In this case you spend time on their website, find mistakes (in case you are applying for QA role), or what tech stack they are using.

Prepare the questions you are going to ask them.

Yes you are going to ask questions to the panel.

No you are not going to ask for the salary or if there is a pub close to the office.

Check out interview the interviewer for more details.

Interview should be a conversation between you and the panel.

It should not be like a viva voce! They ask and you answer nervously.

Those days are over buddy.

Learn to speak confidently or you will be left behind or worse taken advantage of.

These are somethings to know when trying to get your first programming job.

Have a strategy so that you are now slowing things down and end up demotivating yourself.

Have the right resume, cover letter and interview questions for each type of job you are planning to apply for.

For example you may be trying to apply for both front-end and backend. C# vs Java, Angular vs React etc.

Remember job hunting can be a marathon rather than a sprint.

Hang in there.

Sometimes it takes longer than others don’t lose hope.

It is a learning process.

I was really bad it and it took me a long time to figure out.

And to make it worse I was a applying for programming job as a mechanical engineer.

It look me a long time to figure it out.

Now I don’t even break a sweat in finding a job.

Of course I am not going to get every job I apply for.

But I’ll never have to worry again about recession or not getting a job or settling for a low-paying crappy job.

I can always pick from the best offers.

I want you to have the same job and financial security.

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