The Competition Is Fierce

Freshers are rolling out of colleges like cars from an assembly line. Car companies stop production when there are no sales. But the colleges continue to produce engineers regardless of how many new jobs are getting created. Basically your competition grows non-stop.

1.35 lakh engineers graduated in 2008 according to the Deccan Herald article. You can bet, it has grown to a bigger number this year 2014. I am sure it is no different for MBA, Bcom and other graduates as well. One thing is certain regardless of increase or decrease of job openings in the market, the number freshers graduating will likely continue to rise! There are lot more colleges than a decade back.

And this can be a problem for you when hunting for a job. The sight of a walk-in drive is probably disheartening, when you see hundreds of freshers with resumes in hand competing for the same job positions you are applying for!

The only way to compete with others is by being different. It will help you stand out from the rest of the crowd when the recruiters are sifting through resumes and also when the bored interviewers are interviewing you.

Being Different Is Easy!

Yes, it is not difficult to get noticed by doing things the right way and getting a little creative.


For starters you can re-work your resume if you think it doesn’t look good or has enough content. I have mentioned this several times, if you have copied the resume format from others, please customize it to suit your degree or the profession you want to work in. Without a good resume, you will not be discovered on job portals. Also the recruiters will favor other resumes over yours, if the other resumes are well written and visually appealing.

You can read my blog posts on resumes, ‘If You Have This In Your Resume You Are Screwed!‘ and ‘Fresher Resumes Are Like Junior Level Cricketers‘ for more information.

Cover Letters

Cover letters are also an effective way of impressing the recruiters and hiring managers. Many freshers don’t use them, and those who do, don’t use them effectively. You can use the cover letters while applying for jobs by email and also while applying online through job portals like Naukri, TimesJobs etc.

Job Portal Profiles

Make sure you create accounts on all the popular job portals and complete the profiles for MAXIMUM exposure!


Be interesting in the interviews and show some genuine interest! Don’t go in there as if the Police has called you in for a murder investigation! Show some passion, ask questions that mean something to the job, show them that you have what it takes to do the job. Be dynamic!
Demonstrate passion and interest (DPI)! NOBODY does that! Read my blog post ‘Interview The Interviewer‘.

When you have to sell/buy a car, do you ask all the right questions? Of course you do! Do the same in the interview as well. You sell your skills, expertise, knowledge and time in return for money. It is a business transaction, treat it like one.

Follow Up

Once you are done with the interview. Send them a ‘Thank you ‘ email at the end of the day. And after a few days contact them to find out their hiring decision. If they have given a date to make their decision, wait until then to contact them. Contact the hiring manager instead of the recruiter if possible.

Don’t Give Up

Keep applying and interviewing until you find a job! Don’t forget to learn from every interview. There is always something new you learn in ever interview! Before you know you will be an expert in handling questions and attending interviews which will eventually lead you to a job offer!

Have A Plan

Lately it has become a favorite exercise among freshers to take up an IT course after graduation. Don’t be in two minds. If you are interested, do it. If not stick to your profession and continue looking for a job until you find one.

If you are new to the job market, the whole process can be overwhelming. That is why I wrote the book ‘Fresher Formula‘. I wrote this book with freshers in mind. The book covers writing resumes, cover letters and also on how to do well in the interviews. I also provide fresher resume and cover letter sample that you can start using immediately. Check it out, ‘Fresher Formula‘.

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