What EVERY Fresher NEEDS To Know About Resumes, Job Search and Interviews

If you are struggling to get interview calls or failing miserably in the interviews, then you need to read this and soak up every word.

It is not always the most qualified who gets hired, many candidates who are personable and good at conversations also land lot of offers, even if they didn’t do that well academically or answer all the technical questions during the interview. How do I know this? I am speaking from experience! A major portion of the interview is about SELLING YOURSELF! Yep, you read that right. You are convincing the interview panel, you are the best person for the job. And you have all the skills necessary for the job.

It is about how you build a rapport with your interviewer. What you don’t know is that interviewers are not big fans of conducting interviews, all they want to do is find the best fit and get back to their unfinished work, meet their unrealistic deadlines, and go home ASAP. Nobody wants to spend all day staring at boring resumes and deal with the eager and anxious freshers who say yes to everything! And they all act the same way. Ever seen sheep in groups? They follow each other blindly. Don’t be a sheep!

You got to be different to get noticed in a sea of freshers! Imagine you are waiting for your baggage at the airport, every bag is dark colored on the conveyor belt and suddenly you see one that is bright neon-green! Now that would get your attention, won’t it? You got to do the same thing. No, please don’t paint yourself fluorescent green :). Just be different.

You have to do and say things in a way the interviewers realize you are different from the rest of the herd. Get their attention and impress their pants off! That is how you win job offers and launch your career the right way.

Now before you can do all this, you need to have a resume that actually looks good and has all the ingredients of a winning resume. Your details should be written in such a way that recruiters find it easily while glancing your resume (they don’t spend more than a few seconds on a single resume!) and hit the dial button to schedule an interview with you. You have a good resume right? The answer is no, if you blindly copied it from your friend, senior or whoever it is. Until you add a personal touch to it, it is going to suck. You have to SEXIFY it!

Do me a favor and study resumes from friends and yours as well. Notice the similarities? Same old boring multi-line objective that will put anyone to sleep zzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, faster than a ‘Strength of Materials‘ lecture. Let me tell you, that was one BORING subject, even though I was a Mechanical Engineering student!

Imagine a recruiter dealing with hundreds of resumes every single day? What if you wrote the objective differently, wouldn’t the recruiter notice something is different on the top of the resume? What if you wrote something that she is actually looking for? Wouldn’t it make her read the next section and rest of the resume? Provided you have done the same thing with the other sections! If you have her attention, she will most likely call you to schedule an interview. And that is how you increase your chances of getting interviews!

Now you may be wondering that is a great idea, but how do I make it different? Well, that is something you will have to figure out and get creative. Do some research. I can tell you how to do it, but then everyone of you will copy the same thing and go to the same walk-ins with the similar looking resumes etc. Get creative and it will pay off in the long run.

Similar to the resume, you will have to be different in the interviews as well. Or you will be seen as just another “Fresher” and promptly forgotten as soon as you walk out of the door. And your resume will find its way into an overfilled dust bin full of other’s resumes!

Some ways to impress during the interview, is to be different from other freshers and do things freshers usually don’t do. You know? Like talk bravely and confidently. We all have been Superheroes, Shah Rukh Khans and Salman Khans in our fantasies, kicking everyone’s butt, beating up that bully in your class you didn’t like or the popular guy who talks to your crush. But when it comes to real life you don’t want to be seen, nor get any attention (even though you crave it) and just stand in a corner and watch others get successful and have fun in life. To make it worse they show off their success, what hurts most is when they do in it front of your loved ones! Showing off how they got their job, how well they did in the interview and how awesome their package is!

So, now is the time to change everything and go into the interview as if you own the goddamn place! Fighting with your mother because she made your least favorite breakfast won’t help your future, but if you fight for what you want in life, it will certainly help you. I guarantee it! Be a Rockstar in the interview and in life. It has never hurt anyone, but it has certainly helped!

To summarize, you will have to fix three things to improve your chances of landing your job fast. Getting better than your competition, crafting a fabulous resume and interviewing like a Rockstar. If you don’t time to get creative or need help, you can check out my book Fresher Formula for ideas. I have some cool secrets and strategies you will love!

Good luck with your search!

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