Would You Hire A Painter (non-IT) To Work As A Carpenter (IT)?

Would you hire a painter to work as a carpenter in your furniture business? When hundreds of carpenters are readily available for a very reasonable salary? Eager to work for you?

Of course not! At least I hope not. Unless you have a compelling reason you would be wise to hire a carpenter instead, to do the carpenter’s job!

If you have access to knowledgeable carpenters even without experience why woud you think of hiring painters to do a carpenter’s job. I am sure you won’t be patient enough to spend extra time teaching and supervising him. Running the risk of him screwing up your customer’s furniture piece and inviting the wrath of your unhappy customer. Not to mention the delays in delivering, extra time to fix the issue, monetary loss etc. You have to realize one thing in life especially in Business, time is money. I repeat Time = Money in case you missed it! Businesses are always trying to fasten up the process to save time and hence money to boost profitability.

In similar vein, why would you expect a hiring manager to hire you for an IT job when you don’t have a CS related degree? Especially when there are thousands if not lakhs of eager CS freshers ready to work for a partly salary.

The hiring manager doesn’t want to hire a ECE, ME or any other non-IT fresher to do an IT job. He doesn’t want to spend his limited energy and time, risk tight deadlines by hiring you. He will have to spend extra time guiding you, teaching and training you to make sure, you are doing it right. He is answerable to his higher-ups, tell them why he is wasting time, money and resources to train a fresher about basic responsibilities.

It doesn’t make sense to hire you, when he has TONS of eager CS freshers to choose from for real cheap, there is no shortage he won’t even consider you. Unless maybe you are his wife’s brother, even then he might come up with an excuse to NOT hire you!

The only way to get an IT job without a CS degree, is to build some furniture and prove to the panel you know what you are doing and are very passionate about it. You have to demonstrate you are really serious about getting an IT job and are interested in this field. Only then will the recuiter, hiring managers will take you seriously and consider interviewing/hiring you to work in the IT profession.

I show you how to demonstrate ‘Interest’ and ‘Passion’ in the resume and during the interview and what steps to take to impress the interview panel, in my book ‘Fresher Formula’.

Now back to the example. Say if the painter came to you with pictures of furniture, interesting models/samples he has made and shows genuine eagerness to work as a carpenter, would you consider hiring him? I bet you would. You will look at his interest, passion, eagerness that may lack in the carpenters vying for the same job. The carpenters might just be desperate to have a job and likely followed their father’s profession as a carpenter. The painter made the effort to impress you with his skills not just show his desperation for the job. This paragraph may come off as an idealistic scenario to help my argument, but there is some truth to it. I am the living example. I was a painter who became a carpenter.

This is the best way I know of to land an IT job without a CS degree. How do I know that? I am a Mechanical Engineer post-graduate(MS) and started my career as a .NET developer and I am loved it! In fact demonstrating interest and passion is one of the best ways to land a job in any field or within your own field of education. Fresher Formula shows you how, regardless of your field/profession or level of experience.

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