If You Have This In Your Resume You Are Screwed!

I don’t understand the need to add information to your resume that is totally irrelevant to the job you are looking for. Freshers tend to do this with their resumes.

I’d replied to a thread created by a fresher asking for help on Chetana’s Forum. I offered him to take a look at his resume, many freshers emailed me privately to review their resumes after reading my post. One thing I found in common is almost all these resumes had a combination of the following information which is totally unnecessary for job searching and interviewing.

If you have the below details in your resume, you are showing the recruiters and interviewers you are just another fresher. Your resume is just another copy-and-paste job. It looks like you took your friend’s resume and replaced the personal details. Be original!

Please all this unnecessary information from your resume.

Personal Details:

  • Father’s Name
  • Mother’s Name
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Marital Status
  • DOB
  • Hobbies
  • Strength

Your Resume Is Not Your Shaadi Profile!

When I see the above details it makes me wonder if I am reading a resume or a marriage bio-data! Do you really think the interviewer cares about your DOB, parent’s name, marital status? And no they don’t care about your hobbies either, unless it something really interesting or something to do with the job opening.

They don’t care about your EDUCATION and DEGREE either! Why would anyone want to know these details? If you are going WTF? That is good, I wanted to make sure you are paying attention. I was kidding about the education and the degree, please keep it. Don’t delete it!

But Other Freshers Have It Too!

And that is exactly why you should remove it immediately! Why be just another fresher when you can be different and stand out? These details are inconsequential, you have nothing to lose by removing them!

Let me ask you a question. Imagine you are the hiring manager interviewing a candidate. You have three projects to manage. You want to add a fresher to one of your projects to lighten the workload of the team. Now my question is what would look for in the freshers resume? What do you expect to see the resume? What do you WANT to see in the resume? Is it the frsher’s father’s name and date of birth? Would those two tiny details help you in assessing the candidate if he is right for the job? Of course not!

You would rather see details like skills that will come in handy in the project, technical skills that are needed for the job and the project. Other information that will help you in shortlisting the candidate for an interview and during the interview to find out how much the candidate knows and if he is the right fit. These are things you would like to see in the resume!

What Do I Add?

Add something interesting related to the type of jobs you are targeting or relevant to your profession. Which highlights your skills and abilities related to your profession. There are many ways to add it.

If you want ideas, you can check out my book Fresher Formula. I undertand it can be frustrating as a fresher to write a winning resume, I was in your situation many years back. There are quite a few ideas I think you will find helpful in writing the resume and also doing well in the interview. I even provide a resume sample (altered for freshers) that packs a punch, which I have personally used through out my career!

Get creative and stand out from the herd!

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