Fresher Resumes Are Like Junior Level Cricketers

You may find this a little odd, but let us look at the circumstance that led me to this comparison.

Both have an uphill task of getting noticed and selected! Here is why.

A junior level cricketer has to show his skills, talent and experience to get to the top. India is a nation of 1.2 billion people. I am sure there are thousands of cricketers playing at this level! Only by demonstrating his skills and talent can he get himself on the national selector’s radar and get their attention to get in the Top 11.

Resumes face a similar situation. Naukri boasts of 39.5 million resumes! Now imagine your resume competing with all these resumes to show up in Top 10 results of a recruiter’s search. If a recruiter searches for a Mechanical Engineer fresher in Bengaluru, she may get 1000s of resumes in her search result. She is not going to look at all these resumes. At the most she may look at Top 50. If your resume doesn’t boast off your skills and talents, your resume may not picture in the Top 500, let alone Top 10!

I will tell you why!

Naukri is the Google of resumes…..

Attracting The Algorithms

Job portals like Naukri employ advanced algorithms to scan the resume database and return resumes that match the recruiter’s search criteria. If the recruiter is searching for a Mechanical Engineering fresher with zero experience, the algorithm will only look for Mechanical Engineers with 0 years of experience. Of course she will do a targeted search, for example if she is looking for a CAD drafter with SolidWorks skills, she type that in. Naukri will scan for resumes that contain this information. Mechanical Engineer, CAD, SolidWorks. If your resume doesn’t have this, it wont pick up your resume. Once it has all the resumes with these keywords, it will use a weighted system to decide on how to rank and sort the found resumes.

If you want your resume to be found and viewed by a recruiter, make sure you have the relevant keywords that relate to your target job and field. If not, your resume will be buried among thousands of other boring resumes of Mechanical Engineers (in this example) collecting e-dust. If your resume is weak on the important information it will never see the light of the day.

Pleasing The National Selectors a.k.a Recruiters And Hiring Managers

Once your resume finds itself in the shortlist pile, it is time for your resume to captivate the recruiter(or hiring manager) and make them call you for an interview. Recruiters won’t look at a resume for more than a few seconds, if they cannot find what they are looking for, they move onto the next one from their pile, I call it “The Leaning Tower of Resumes”. Remember they have many freshers resumes? They don’t have to or like to work too hard looking for information within a resume, they can easily look for it in the next resume from the pile! But the good news is, they would rather find it sooner than go through the WHOLE pile! We can use this to improve our chances of getting shortlisted for the interview.

The key is to having a visually appealing resume with well-formatted and organized content. It will also help you to impress the interview panelists during the interview. So now you know how to improve your chances of getting interviews.

Make sure to add LASER targeted keywords that will help your resume rank better than others. If you want ideas on how to do this, my book can be of help Fresher Formula.

The silver lining to this is not many freshers know about it or realize how Naukri and other job portals work. This is your chance to take advantage.

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